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On silicon chip quantum optics for quantum computing and secure communications

SIQURO aims at bringing the quantum world into integrated photonics by using the silicon platform and, therefore, permitting in a natural way the integration of quantum photonics with electronics. The SIQURO project is based on the collaboration of a nano-silicon photonic research group at UniTN, of a silicon manufacturing group at FBK, a quantum theoretical group at CNR-INO and a quantum optics laboratory at ETH.

Sunday, 1 September, 2013 to Wednesday, 31 August, 2016

The project will cover different aspects of quantum computing and quantum optics: the theory of quantum fluids of photons, experimental generation of rotating photon gasses, phenomenology of strongly correlated photon gasses in silicon waveguide towards a quantum C-Not gate, demonstration of entangled photon pairs and heralded photon generation in strained silicon waveguides, development of a new mid infrared detector based on up-converted photons, fabrication of an heterogeneous mode-locked III-V laser on silicon,  engineering of a quantum random number generator based on spontaneous emission of radiation in silicon.

36 months
  • University of Trento: Nanoscience Laboratory and CryptoLab (Italy)
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler: MiNalab, MTlab, SRS, and SOI (Italy)
  • CNR-INO: BEC centre (Italy)
  • ETH-Zurich: Quantum Photonics group (Switzerland)
  • Thales III-V lab (France)
  • Telsy SPA company part of Telecom Italia group (Italy) 
2.9 million euro
Unit role: 

SOI group will be involved in the realization of an innovative quantum random number generator (QRNG) based on SPAD device coupled with a silicon nanocrystal LED through silicon waveguides. This device will represent the first example of physical QRNG fully integrated in CMOS compatible Silicon photonic technology. Main objective of the project  is the implementation of QRNG with best performance in bit rate and high degree of entropy.

Research topics: