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Multispectral and THz


We announce that we are hiring: we are looking for a highly motivated researcher with background in circuit design:
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Special Issue in Sensors Journal of MDPI about "Image Sensors"
Guest editors: Lucio Pancheri, Matteo Perenzoni, Nicola Massari
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We are looking for highly motivated people in the following two domains:

A new paper has been published on the Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, Springer.

From 12 September to 15 September, in Lausanne, the 2016 ESSCIRC-ESSDERC will be held.

We welcome you in joining us at this conference! We will present a paper at the "Sensors and MEMS Interfaces" session on Wednesday:

Muhammad Ali, Matteo Perenzoni, David Stoppa, "A High-Gain, Low-Noise Switched Capacitor Readout for FET-Based THz Detectors"

Do you want to have a great opportunity for your future career?

Would you like to work in a stimulating and young environment?

Have you ever desired to put your hands on state-of-the-art tools and instruments?

We are looking right now for highly motivated and ambitious students who want to pursue their PhD in the field of microelectronics and sensors here in the IRIS research unit of FBK. We currently have several joint PhD positions with scolarship with three affiliated universities:

Two letter papers have recently been published by the IRIS group.

A paper on a very small and efficient TDC, suitable for arrayed applications, has been published in Electronics Letters:

M. Perenzoni, H. Xu, D. Stoppa, 'Small area 0.3 pJ/conv, 45 ps time-to-digital converter for arrays of silicon photomultiplier interfaces in 150 nm CMOS', Electronics Letters, 2015

while the following letter is the result of a fruitful cooperation with CNR-NEST in Pisa:

The Researchers' Night 2015, held on the 25th of September, was a great success!

We really would like to thank the hundreds of you who visited our booth and got excited together with us about science! It has been really a wonderful experience also for us in getting in touch with all of you.

Stay tuned as we won't miss the chance to grab your attention even more at the next event!

A paper from IRIS group will be presented at the 2014 International Infrared Mm-waves and TeraHertz Conference:

M. Perenzoni, "Measurement of Spatial Response of CMOS Antenna-Coupled FET Detector at 325GHz"


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