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Computational Vision


A paper on low power vision will be published in the Journal of Solid-State Circuits:

N. Cottini, M. Gottardi, N. Massari, R. Passerone, and Z. Smilansky, "A 33 W 6464 Pixel Vision Sensor Embedding Robust Dynamic Background Subtraction for Event Detection and Scene Interpretation," Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2013.


ALPS (Autonomous ultra Low-Power vision Sensor for surveillance and monitoring) will develop an ultra low-power vision sensor able to work with a minimal energy budget for wireless sensor networks in surveillance applications.

Main activities

Vision Sensors are special devices which not only capture the target image but also try to gather extra information directly at the chip level, making them an ideal component for an ultra-low power system. SOI research unit is investigating several vision sensors with advanced on-chip processing capabilities enabling beyond state-of-the-art low power performance.