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Single-Photon Imaging


This year, 2 papers from IRIS have been accepted at ESSCIRC 2019 that will be held in Krakow next September, in particular talking about a CMOS digital silicon-photomultiplier for monitoring proton therapy and a vision sensor for low-power surveillance systems.

Looking forward to meeting you at the conference for great discussions!

IRIS is organizing SQUAD 2019 - Advanced School on Quantum Detectors. The school will take place in Povo, Trento (Italy), on September 18-20, 2019.

The school illustrates the operation principles and technologies in the field of Single-Photon Detectors, together with application examples in the field of Quantum Technologies. The school is addressed to PhD students, Post-Docs and young researchers with backgrounds in Engineering and Physics.

Check the website at!

FBK coordinates SUPERTWIN project, aiming at breaking through optical microscopy with the use of quantum optics.

Have a look at the promotional video that explains the concept behind it:

On the 12th-14th of April, Image Sensors Europe 2019 will take place in London, at the Park Plaza Hotel.

IRIS will be there, with a talk on challenges of LiDaR and 3D imaging. Looking forward to meeting you there!

The SPIE Trento chapter organizes a one-day workshop "Photonics as a key enabling technology"

This workshop, at its second edition, aims at bringing together experts, belonging to local research realities, who exploit optics and photonics in their scientific work. This is the opportunity to share knowledge in order to further develop research and collaborations, as well as to improve our understanding of photonics and its applications.

IRIS will be there, talking about single-photon imaging techniques: we are looking forward to discuss about photonics!

In the context of SUPERTWIN project, our firiends from University of Bern published on Optica a paper "Super-resolution quantum imaging at the Heisenberg limit" by Manuel Unternährer, Bänz Bessire, Leonardo Gasparini, Matteo Perenzoni, and André Stefanov.

The news has also been reported by the ImageSensorsWorld blog.

Related to the tutorial held by Matteo Perenzoni during ISSCC 2018 about single-photon detection in CMOS using SPADs, an article has been published in the Solid-State Circuits Magazine summer issue:

M. Perenzoni, "Single-Photon Avalanche Diode-Based Detection and Imaging: Bringing the Photodiode Out of Its Comfort Zone," in IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 26-34, Summer 2018.

The article can be found here.

FBK has been selected by the Innovation Radar initiative of the EU among the "Key Innovators" in H2020, where IRIS participates in two funded projects:

Innovation Title: Miniature pressure and friction sensors
               - Innovation Category: Creation
               - Developed in H2020 project SocketMaster

Innovation Title: Novel super-resolution microscopy systems for biological and nano-scale inspection.
               - Innovation Category: Exploration
               - Developed in H2020 project SUPERTWIN

IRIS will be at Image Sensors Europe 2018, March 14th-15th, in London, presenting about single photon imaging.

Do not miss this great opportunity to meet us and all the attendees of the biggest networking event of the imaging community in Europe: come and let's talk together, imaging the future!

Exciting workshop in Les Diableret, Switzerland, gathering the whole SPAD community in a 3-day intense program.

IRIS presented recent results of SUPERTWIN project on superresolution anchieved with correlated photons and SPAD detector array.