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3D Image Sensors

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Time-Of-Flight (TOF) measuring technique relies on the measurement of the round-trip time needed by a light pulse to travel from the measurement system to a target and back again.

SOI has been actively working on scanner-less range sensors based on TOF since 2002, developing 3D image sensors where each pixel is capable of measuring the light pulse travel time, thus allowing the reconstruction of the scene depth map.

Application cases: 
With respect to conventional 2D vision system 3D cameras could offer amazing possibilities of improvement in many areas like automotive applications, security and surveillance, cultural heritage preservation, ambient-assisted living, industrial control, gaming, virtual reality, etc., because they significantly increases the robustness of object classification avoiding time and energy consuming post-processing steps. SOI sensors have been developed within the framework of the european project NETCARITY for ambient-assisted living applications.

The objective of SOI in 3D imaging is to push innovation at both the device and sensor level, by making use of standard CMOS technolgies. The main challenges that SOI is currently pursuing in this research domain are:

  • to develop photo-demodulators devices capable of high demodulation contrast at high modulation frequencies;
  • to develop 3D image sensors high frame rates and high spatial resolution;
  • to implement low-power 3D sensors and systems.
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