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ISSCC2018 program is out, and IRIS is in!

News date: 
Wednesday, 22 November, 2017

The ISSCC2018 Advance Program has been published today, and we are happy to announce that IRIS will present the results on the development of the detector for SUPERTWIN project, with experimental results performed together with the University of Bern (Switzerland):

Monday, February 13th, 4:45pm
A 32×32-Pixel Time-Resolved Single-Photon Image Sensor with 44.64μm Pitch and 19.48% Fill-Factor with On-Chip Row/Frame Skipping Features Reaching 800kHz Observation Rate for Quantum Physics Applications
L. Gasparini, M. Zarghami, H. Xu, L. Parmesan, M. Moreno Garcia, M. Unternährer, B. Bessire, A. Stefanov, D. Stoppa, M. Perenzoni

The same paper will also participate to the demo session immediately after the presentation.

See you in San Francisco in February 2018!