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New IRIS papers on Applied Physics Letters and Electronics Letters

News date: 
Monday, 19 October, 2015

Two letter papers have recently been published by the IRIS group.

A paper on a very small and efficient TDC, suitable for arrayed applications, has been published in Electronics Letters:

M. Perenzoni, H. Xu, D. Stoppa, 'Small area 0.3 pJ/conv, 45 ps time-to-digital converter for arrays of silicon photomultiplier interfaces in 150 nm CMOS', Electronics Letters, 2015

while the following letter is the result of a fruitful cooperation with CNR-NEST in Pisa:

F. Bianco, D. Perenzoni, D. Convertino, S.L. De Bonis, D. Spirito, M. Perenzoni, C. Coletti, M.S. Vitiello, and A. Tredicucci, 'Terahertz detection by epitaxial-graphene field-effect-transistors on silicon carbide', Applied Physics Letters, 107, 131104 (2015)