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New NUV-HD Silicon Photomultipliers produced at IRIS-FBK

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Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

We recently developed a new high-density version of NUV-SiPM, called NUV-HD. Like RGB-HD the devices feature a high fill factor (FF) and a reduced correlated noise.

This new NUV-HD technology combined all the benefits of the HD technology, like high FF, increased photon detection efficiency, low correlated noise and high cell-density (thus high dynamic range), with the advantages of NUV approach for light detection un the blue and near-UV wavelength region.

We produced different SiPM types with cell size of 15×15 μm2 (FF=55%), 20×20 μm2, 25×25 μm2, 30×30 μm2 (FF=77%).