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Three abstracts accepted at CNES workshops on Single-Photon and Radiation Effects

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Monday, 31 October, 2016

IRIS will be at the two CNES workshops in Toulouse, "Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic Detectors" (16/11), and "Photon Counting, Low Flux and High Dynamic Range Optoelectronic Detectors" (17/11) presenting the latest advances in single-photon detectors and imagers.

16/11, 2:55pm: Irradiation Tests on CMOS Digital Silicon Photomultipliers for Ranging Applications
M. Perenzoni, D. Perenzoni, D. Stoppa, C. Virmontois, FBK, CNES

17/11, 9:30am: Latest Developments in Silicon Photomultipliers at FBK and their characterization.
A. Gola, F. Acerbi, A. Ferri, M. Marcante, G. Paternoster, V. Regazzoni, G. Zappala’, N. Zorzi, C.Piemonte, FBK

17/11, 9:55am: 3D Imaging and Altimetry with a 64x64-pixel CMOS Sensor Based on Digital Silicon Photomultipliers with Smart Echo Identification
M. Perenzoni, D. Perenzoni, D. Stoppa, A. Pollini, V. Mitev, C. Pache, FBK, CSEM