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Closed Projects

SPADnet (Fully Networked, Digital Components for Photonstarved Biomedical Imaging Systems) is a research project funded by the EU within the ICT Theme of its Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). SPADnet will build ring-assembly modules for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) medical imaging, and carry out performance tests in a PET system evaluation test bed.

ViMagiC (Versatile Magnetic Imaging Chip) is an internal explorative research project funded by CMM (Center of Material and Microsystem), FBK, aiming at developing a magnetic imaging device.

Mutivis (Multispectral Terahertz Infrared and Visible Imaging and Spectroscopy) is a EU funded project under the 7th Framework Programme aiming at developing a monolithic image sensor with trispectral capabilities and a complete imaging and spectroscopy system.

ALPS (Autonomous ultra Low-Power vision Sensor for surveillance and monitoring) will develop an ultra low-power vision sensor able to work with a minimal energy budget for wireless sensor networks in surveillance applications.

NETCARITY (A Networked Multisensor System for elderly people: health care, safety and security in home environment) if a project funded under EC IST FP6 as an Integrated Project, researching and testing technologies which will help older people to improve their wellbeing, independence, safety and health at home.

The NAOMI project ("NAno on MIcro approach to a multispectral analytical system for protein assays") tackles the challenge to develop miniaturized, multispectral protein chips, focusing on the combination of nano and micro technologies to deliver compact, reliable and potentially low cost diagnostic instruments with improved analysis performances.

EnerViS (Energy Autonomous Low Power Vision Systems) is a joint project between Trento and Maryland (US) to study and develop of a novel vision system, capable of sensing and describing the visual world it observes under physical constraints that include ultra-low power consumption, low maintenance cost and a small unobtrusive form-factor.